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   We (China Yunnan MoYan Flower Co., Ltd.云南模样花卉有限公司) are an comprehensive company integrating planting of flowers, preserved flower and dried flower production and sales. Till now we have a production team with rich production experience and laboratories with complete technical research and development capabilities, and we employee Japanese professional technicians to provide regular technical guidance.
   Due to the unique location advantages of Yunnan and the quality advantages of natural flower such as roses and hydrangea. At present, our company owns 65 acres of flowers. In addition, we have integrated more than 100 large planters, such as roses, hydrangea and other products, a total of 480 acres of rose, hydrangea and other planting bases.
   Our company's main products are preserved flower rose, Carnation, hydrangea, moss, Gypsophila / Mini Gypsophila, Billy Button/Billy Balls, Gomphrena, Bunny Tails, lavender and other more than 30 kinds of flowers.

   Our company takes quality as its primary goal, carefully selecting flower materials, using imported cosmetic grade dyes which are not fadeable. In addition, we do not use a drop of formaldehyde, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

   Over the years, our preserved flower have been recognized by the industry and are selling well in Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States.

   Welcome to negotiate and cooperate.

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